They deserve a chance

They deserve a chance

When I gave my son the chance to use the camera, he took a nice picture of my Challenger 1970. For that I said “Don’t underestimate what the kids can do,give them the chance, they will show you how do they deserve it ” Abdul


8 thoughts on “They deserve a chance

  1. Thats a nice car! I hope your children gets a chance on being happy. I am sure that in their future they will become really successful just like their father. Always remember to encourage them in their dreams and help them with their life goals, but i am sure that you already know that.

    Congratulation on having two wonderful boys and hopefully one day they may follow your footsteps on to success! 🙂

  2. Great car, but even better snap of the camera. You say your four year old son took that photo? Get him his own camera and plenty of opportunities to travel the world. He should travel and take scenic or iconic pictures like that when he grows up. If there weren’t other vehicles in the picture I might have printed that and stuck it on my wall. Great sunset, great car, just overall great picture.

  3. Your son has lots of hidden talent. Nice car. Let him practice with his own camera, photography is a great hobby and pass time. My daughter got a hold of my camera at my dad’s 70th birthday party and tool great pictures of everyone and everything. Even the food, unbeknownst to me but glad she did for now we have nice memories of the celebration.

  4. that is a really nice car and your son took a really cool picture.I am a car fan from when i was little and muscle cars i believe are the best looking cars of all time. mostly the older cars are much better looking than the newer models cant wait to own one of my own in future. Luck you

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