My Mission

“Most of the people is investing in the Stock Market and Real Estate However, I’m investing in my kids education” Abdul


2011-08-31 17.31.43


4 thoughts on “My Mission

  1. Congratulation! This is the investment that every father need to make, and it is unavoidable too. Also, there is no ending for this kind of investment, but I bet you are happy to keep this investment going forever, no? I think I will do the same when I become a father.

    In different perspective, investing boys are not so costly. If you have a girl, you will understand how much more you need to invest. Trust me, I’ve seen it from my little cousin….

  2. It is so nice to see a father have a close bond and relationship with their kids the way you do. Your quote is very wise and has a strong meaning. Not every parent understands this importance and it is sad to say that some kids are neglected because their parents are so into their own lives and pay little to no attention to their children. The way you raise your children shapes the person they will be. It is important that they are raised with the right morals and value that you say here in your quote. Your sons will understand the importance of themselves in your life.

    Your quote pertains to so many parents, but I think you are very smart for making this investment in your children. When they are older, they will thank you and appreciate what you have done for them. You seem to be a great father and active in your sons lives. It is encouraging for other parents to see and carry the same value. You should be very proud of yourself and your family. I think it is great that your children have a big importance in your life.

  3. Dear Abdulraouf

    What a great choice you made, I totally agree with you because investing in their education will help them build a bright future and be successful leaders. I never invested in real estate as well, but I hope in the near future when I decide to get married I use the same strategy. God bless them

  4. I strongly agree with everybody here, It is really wonderful that you care about your kid’s education because its going to help them in the future. Without education these days you really can’t find a job!!! So its a good step for you as a father to investe in their education. I know you are older than me, but here is a piece of advice that i would recommend you do next, which is try to teach them how to depend on themselves and it really worth it. because you going to get the benefit of it later on. Lastly i wish you the best of luck for you and for your family too. 🙂

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