Quotes That I like

The Best Quotes in 2013


” You Deserve What You Accept” Dr. Virginia Green ……..”I don’t  accept anything less than Success” Abdul


“There is a slight difference between self-confidence and vanity .Adopt the first to maintain motivation for your future and stay away from the second in order not to lose your friends” Abdul


“Each Person has three important opportunities in his life first is Education. Second is Marriage. Third is Business. If you don’t catch them they won’t come back again” Abdul


” We have to thanks God of the things that we have, instead of thinking of what we don’t have” Abdul


  1. “Determination, motivation, and honesty are the most important secrets of success” Abdul


    “Leadership is something in my genes, not something that I need to learn” Abdul.


One thought on “Quotes That I like

  1. First I want to say you are a generous and kind hearted man and I’m glad to have met in you class. I enjoy your dates, coffee and tea on Sundays. It’s already a fun class and the little perks just adds to the setting. You have been gifted to have a solid family with 2 young sons. My husband envy’s you for he wanted a son but was blessed with 2 daughters instead (we can trade). We considered a third try for a son but he said no his girls are perfect. What’s important is they are all healthy and happy children. Enjoy every minute with them!

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